System to Connect Candidates and Employers

  • Product description

The system is a mean to connect candidates and employers. This is a platform for recruiting and applying for temporary jobs such as security, shopping assistants, housekeepers, delivery drivers, administrative jobs, photo modelling, commercial modelling, leaflet distributors, translators, content collaborators.

  • Main features
  1. For recruiters: upload recruitment posts, chat with candidates; respond and assess candidate’s competency; pay salaries through smart e-wallets 

  2. For candidates: search and filter suitable jobs; apply for a job; chat with recruiters; manage my jobs; manage account; receive salary through smart e-wallets

  • Contract type


  • Sever


  • Personnel

2 App developers, 2 Backend developers

  • Completion time

16 man-months (4 personnel working in 4 months)

  • Technology

MySQL, NodeJS, React Native