Shopify Application

  • Product description:

Create an application on the Shopify platform to manage discount projects similar to Bold Discount.

  • Main features:

-    Allow Shopify shops to use the app by subscribing license on Shopify. Accept VISA payment method (Stripe)
-    Allow stores to create multiple promotion campaigns (discounts, free gifts,...); add discount labels to product images; show countdown timers to current live campaigns; display the best prices of products to customers (the best discount is applied)
-    Allow stores to schedule promotion campaigns
-     Provide a management page for admins to manage registered stores
-    Automatically send monthly invoice to registered shop

  • Contract type:


  • Completion time:

12 man-months (4 personnel working in 3 months)

  • Personnel:

3 Developers, 1 Tester

  • Sever:


  • Technology

VueJS, MySQL, Laravel, ShopifyAPI