Software outsourcing service in Vietnam

Software outsourcing service

Custom software development is a process of creating software products for the users. Such software is tailored specifically to address the target users' needs, unlike widespread off-the-shelf software.

We believe that the applications of technology will help business growth, modernize society and make life easier. So we partner with our customers to help them grow and bring value to society.

What we do

Great partnership, great outcomes

We take time to investigate their business needs in order to build a custom software that meets all their expectations

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Cooperation Process


Collect requirements

Consult and deliver orientation

Send a quotation

Sign a contract

Start the project

Forms of cooperation

Offshore software development center - ODC in Vietnam
Offshore software development center (ODC)

ODC is a form of outsourcing IT work to the client by providing a team of dedicated developers by Rabiloo. The development team will focus all of their attention and knowledge on your project. Not only be able to select the developers yourself, you can also have our experts in quality management, designers, and senior project managers. Our human resources are always ready for your project regardless of its level of complexity. With this form of partnership, you have many benefits in economics and retain complete control of your projects. Also, there will be more effective communication, intense concentration, and productive investment in your projects.

Custom software development
Custom software development (Project-based)

Project-based cooperation suits you best if you already have requirements ready and specific for the desired product. Send over your ideas and requirements, Rabiloo will turn them into complete products within the estimated timeframe and project budget.




High quality - Fast completion, Affordable pricing

With an experienced and knowledgeable team, our performance is at best. Rabiloo has always been striving to optimize three essential factors in product development: quality, speed, and affordability.

Information security

We comply with data protection regulation relying on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard: sealing USB ports, using Kaspersky, using internal server VPN, etc.

Excellent know-how and greet experience

Rabiloo has a team of well-trained engineers and developers who are dedicated to help your business. Our expertise is also proved by the board of directors with 15+ years of hands-on experience and the advisory board from top-notch universities.

Our outstanding technical skill set










Our case studies

OKR Goal Management System

The system helps organizations manage goals following the OKR method.

Loyalty app for retail chains

Application for loyal customers of a retail brand with more than 600 stores in Japan.

Shopify Application

Create an application on the Shopify platform to manage discount projects similar to Bold Discount.

Partner Search System for Personal Projects

Software to connect project owners with freelancers. This platform is a place to search for partners to implement startup ideas, act for community or do a project to improve professional skills…

Frequently asked questions

The minimum time and personnel quantity for an OSDC contract?
One employee is the minimum number of personnel and the contract duration must be equal to or greater than one month.

Rabiloo employs which means of communication and project management tools?
We use project management and issue tracking tools such as Redmine, Trello, Backlog, and Excel to monitor and manage projects. To communicate with clients, we use Skype, Slack, Chatwork, Facebook Messenger, Google, Hangout, and Appear. Besides, we flexibly use different tools when it is required in individual projects. Employing a wide range of communication methods and project management tools is the strength that helps Rabiloo guarantee instant support for our clients. We are always ready to serve whenever you need as if time difference and geographical distance did not exist.

Payment methods for a custom software development project?
With OSDC software development contracts, the project cost is estimated based on the number of personnel involved in each phase of the project. The client will pay monthly. With project-based software development contracts, the project cost is estimated based on the product. The client will deposit 50% of the full project cost as the contract is signed; the remaining will be paid after the project inspection.

How can I follow the progress of my project at Rabiloo?
Every project includes a project manager (PM) and a bridge software engineer (BrSE), who are responsible for the progress reports and management (on weekly and monthly basis). The communication form must be discussed and agreed upon before the project starts. The customer can also follow the progress through our project management tools: Redmine, Backlog, Jira, WBS Excel, etc. A weekly call is scheduled between the Rabiloo team and the customer to discuss and report the project in detail.

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