Integrating and customizing pre-built solutions to help you quickly solve specialized problems
Researched and developed based on real customer issues
Value for our customers
Easily customize and integrate modules into solutions
Save time and costs on developing and testing new features
Flexibly apply and remove features and software as needed
Receive 24/7 consultation and support during application
Rabiloo's Pre-built Solutions
  • Digital Signage Player
    Create diverse visual advertising content.
    Manage an unlimited number of screens from anywhere
    Schedule content playback with location-based software.
    E-Ink Display Technology
    Display product information and prices on shelves.
    Connect via Bluetooth for remote update prices
    RFID Technology - Radio Frequency Identification
    Inventory tracking and quantity statistics in warehouses
    Enable swift price adjustments by attaching RFID tags to items
    Inventory tracking and quantity statistics in warehouses
    Price Change Technology
    Check product price changes using barcode/QR code scanners
    Easily update product price tags on shelves
    RFID Security Gate in Store
    Control payment status of items before leaving the store
    Sound alarms for unpaid items
    RFID Security Gates for Vehicles
    Record and monitor vehicle information entering and exiting
    Manage ticket revenue over time
    RFID Gate for Warehouse Inventory Management
    Manage data for incoming and outgoing goods
    Count and verify the correct items entering and leaving the warehouse
    Heat Map Technology in Stores
    Observe and record customer movements by the hour
    Display and categorize customer concentration areas by color, from low to high density
    People Counting Technology for Store Entrance
    Accurately count the number of people entering
    Statistically analyze and notify of overcrowding
    Notice when overload of customers
    NFC Technology - Near-Field Communications
    Object identification using very close-range and direct radio waves
    GPRS Technology - General Packet Radio Service
    Improve real-time tracking of goods and delivery vehicles on a digital map
    Efficiently manage and analyze the schedules of delivery schedules
    Automation Robotics Technology
    Improve real-time tracking of goods and delivery vehicles on a digital map
    Efficiently manage and analyze the schedules of delivery schedules
    Loyalty Applicationt
    Manage member cards (check balances, make payments)
    Handle discounts and promotions
    Manage store lists, products, and shopping carts
    Service Booking Applications
    Send notifications, store information, and schedule appointments
    Analyze business activities for various stores and personnel
  • HR Management
    Manage and edit employee information, contracts, and job titles
    Handle offline and online attendance records
    Manage leave requests, overtime, tardiness, and early departures
    Project Management
    Create new projects, allocate human resources, and set priority levels
    Monitor individual and team tasks progress
    Assign project management permissions to team members
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Store customer information, and categorize them as hot, cold, or warm leads
    Manage collaboration history and ongoing projects with each customer
    Facilitate discussions and feedback on customer service
    Monitor project and order statuses in real time
    Objective Management
    Administer annual and quarterly objectives for the organization and teams
    Manage individual weekly and quarterly objectives
    Measure key results towards achieving objectives
    Track the organization's objective completion status
    Recruitment Management
    Manage recruitment campaigns and campaign statuses
    Manage information, interview schedules of candidates, and evaluation results
    Store candidate information and categorize candidates for each recruitment campaign
    Document Management
    Add, edit, and categorize documents
    Organize documents by topic and content
    Easily search for documents as needed
  • OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition)
    TExtract texts from images into editable texts
    Input complete information, and characters, and categorize by letters, numbers, and characters
    eKYC Technology (Electronic Know Your Customer)
    Recognize faces and information on various documents
    Compare facial information and documents with verified identity data to prevent forgery
    Alert on fraudulent document behaviors
    Facial Recognition Technology
    Collect images and facial information
    Accurately identify faces and detect fraudulent actions
    Analyze facial expressions and other identification characteristics
    Automatic Chatbot Technology
    Receive and analyze questions
    Process data and automatically provide appropriate responses
    Response by diverse language expressions and characters
    Behavior Analysis Technology
    Monitor and analyze human behaviors
    Count the number of people entering and exiting
    Alert on unusual behaviors of subjects

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