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3 reasons to use Offshore development services right now


The first quarter of 2022 has come to an end. The planning of using the budget for the new year is already underway in almost organization.

Maybe your software development team is asking these questions:

  • How to improve the capacity of the team to operate more effectively?
  • How to quickly increase the number of team members?
  • How to accelerate product release on a consistent schedule?
  • How to better incorporate emerging technologies like AI and machine learning?
  • How can we improve the quality of our products?

Of course, all of the above questions are accompanied by the element of "with the most reasonable cost". Although investment in IT is increasing, cost optimization is the way to increase competitive advantage among businesses.

Offshore software development is a way to optimize costs and fill talent gaps for all businesses. But why is now the best time to offshore software development?

Stay tuned for 3 reasons clearly explained in each section of this article.

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Remote working is more familiar than ever

Covid-19 has stabilized the remote working process and method of most businesses. It makes them more proactive when collaborating remotely with software developers in other countries such as Vietnam.

Even when all employees return to work in the office, the online working platform will still be there and will be used even more flexibly. It will be an opportunity for businesses to expand their talent pool globally at a lower cost, while seamlessly integrating onshore and offshore teams.

Quality of software development outsourcing company increased

Software development is a potential market. Therefore, more and more businesses are participating in this battle.

With fierce competition, in order to stand out, each IT outsourcing company is required to invest in service quality and human resource quality.

Shortage of talent in the country

The shortage of talented developers in the country is very obvious. Even if you can find them, the cost to recruit is a lot.

In contrast, in Vietnam or other countries, the developers are abundant, young, and highly skilled, but they lack many job opportunities. Therefore, outsourcing software development is an economical way to diversify the IT workforce for all businesses.

With the 3 obvious reasons above, today is the best time for you to start offshore development.

Are you considering an offshore software development partner?