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We design and develop tailor-made software solutions that precisely match our clients' needs with the utmost speed and quality.
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Why choose Rabiloo
ISO 9001 ISO 27000 CMMI level 3 AWS PMP ISTQB
International standard of process and product quality
Committed project implementation timelines
Cost-effective software development proposals
Over 10 years of software development experience
One-stop service for your software development

Mobile app development

  • Compatible with mobile phones and tablets
  • Applications for iOS and Android across multiple platforms
  • From minimum viable versions to completion and upgrades

Web app development

  • High-performing, smooth, stable and user-friendly experiences
  • Easily upgrade and customize
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms

AI solution applications

  • Consulted by leading computer scientists and machine learning experts in Vietnam
  • Built on various core technologies
  • Application in various fields such as finance, retail, and enterprise management

IoT applications

  • Specially for developing smart retail store solutions
  • Compatibility with smart technology device in office

Cloud-based software development

  • Supported by experts certified in Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • Easily migrate and integrate multi-platform cloud systems
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Value for our customers
Reduce software development costs by 30-50%
Mitigate real-time project completion risks
Assure internationally standardized project quality
Consultation on technical issues by experts
We provide a comprehensive process from project initiation to completion
Receiving software requirements
Proposing software development plans
Establishing expert development teams
Initiating software development
Real-time project progress reporting
Testing and quality control
Maintenance and IT support
Our Pre-built solutions
Retail Technologies
Comprising 14 technologies for building smart retail stores, including POS systems, advertising screens, inventory control on shelves and in warehouses. Software for loyal customers and service scheduling.
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ERP Modules
Featuring modules that address specific functions, operations, and challenges in enterprise management, such as HR management, customer relationship management, and task management.
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Intelligent AI Technologies
AI technologies encompassing image processing, voice recognition, character analysis, facial recognition, and behavior analysis, which aare applicable to various sectors including retail, banking, and security.
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