Swift recruitment of the best-qualified candidates for your team
We streamline the process of finding IT professionals, saving you time and costs.
Why choose Rabiloo

Swiftly propose suitable candidates on demand

  • Rigorously selected potential candidate
  • Regularly trained and assessed employee

Ensuring team quality and stability

  • Consistent recruitment of skilled personnel
  • Ready replacements to meet your requirements

Legal support for personnel-related matters

  • Contracts and working policies
  • Benefits, payroll, and taxes
Value for our customers
Flexible workforce scale adjustments
Reduction of time and cost in recruitment
Enhancing in-house IT team quality
Mitigating legal risks related to team sizing
Competencies and Skills



Hightech R&D

Cloud Engineering


Rabiloo augmentation team service
We recommend top-tier IT candidates for any of your requirements
Top 10% qualified tech engineers in Vietnam
Over 10 years of software development experience
Certificated with international quality standard
Positions: PM, QA, Testers, Developers, BA, BrSEs, UX/UI Designers
How we propose talents
By Quantity
From one talent to an unlimited number, depending on your needs.
By Capability
Personnel selected based on their domain knowledge and professional level to meet your requirements.
By Time
Flexible collaboration according to your desired time frame
Work at your office
Work at Rabiloo's office
Get a quote
Rabiloo hiring process
Rabiloo hiring process no wasted interviews, a simple and fast process with best-qualified candidates only
Receive your request
Send personnel portfolio
Organize interviews
Sign the contract
Rabiloo's Culture and People
Rabiloo values the unique qualities of each individual. We strive for the satisfaction and success of both our clients and employee

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