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Rabiloo Hackathon 2020: The competition "looking for Rabiloo talent"

21-12-2020 15-11-2021

Hackathon is the name of a IT competition. This name is made up of the words "Hack" and "Marathon". "Hack" is about using the best way to solve a problem and "Marathon" stands for the duration of the event. Participating in the contest, programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. The preparation of ideas, designs... can be prepared in advance. However, the programming part is only done during the limited time of the competition. At the end of the programming period, they will present their finished products to the judges. The team with the most innovative and useful product will become the winner.

In that spirit, on December 21, Rabiloo's Board of Directors held a Rabiloo Hackathon 2020 with the theme: "Products to solve problems and serve the spiritual life of Rabiloo employees". Rabiloo Hackathon 2020 is not just a competition, it's also an opportunity for Rabiloo members to exchange knowledge, a chance to actualization their long-cherished ideas. Rabiloo is very happy that the participating members are not only software engineers but also administrative staff, marketing staff, testers... Rabiloo appreciates the efforts and competitive spirit of all of you.

After 33 hours of focusing on developing software and 4 hours of presentation, the participating teams successfully completed their ideas and products. Today, the Organizing Committee would like to announce the awards for the best teams as follows:

First prize: Rabiloo Music website.

Description: Auto-play music website

Main functions: Search for songs; automatically play music and messages; automatically ends music playback when the break ends ...

Implementing unit: Team 03

Prize value: 4,000,000 VND

Second prize: Meeting Room Booking Software

Description: A software helps internal staff can book meeting rooms easily

Main functions: Look up meeting schedule; meeting room reservation; approval application...

Implementing unit: Team

02 Prize value: 1,500,000 VND

Third prize: Rabiloo internal blog

Description: It's a blog where all Rabiloo members share knowledge and useful information in the information technology field.

Main functions: Register members; post contents; review articles; interact with articles; vote for useful articles...

Implementing unit: Team 05

Prize value: 500,000 VND

The Idea Prize: Document management software

Description: The software stores all documents for general use internally by Rabiloo. Includes: OKR templates; company policies; sample documents...

Main functions: Create new store; post contents; set passwords for each document vault...

Implementing unit: Team 01

Prize value: 500,000 VND

Awards were given to the teams. Once again, Rabiloo would like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm in the competition. The teams that have not been awarded have also performed very well, hope you will perform even better in the next times.


Mail: contact@rabiloo.com


Tel: (+84) 90-1134-886


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