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Puziness Vietnam Web Summit

Rabiloo and Vietnam Web Summit event.

12-08-2017 15-11-2021

What is Puziness?

It is a system that supports omni-channel sales operations for small and medium-sized enterprises.

It has functions such as inventory management, order management, delivery cooperation, customer management, and FB page chat management.

You can expect this effect with Puziness:

  • Fan page management

  • You can take an order immediately

  • Marketing strategy Inventory control

  • Order management Tools to attract customers

Features of Puziness:

1. Connect Puziness to fan pages

2. Chatbot and conversation state settings

3. Out comment reply

4. 24 + 1 service

5. Product management list

6. Create and manage orders

7. Customer management

8. Tag management

9. Immediate reply

Technology used in Puziness PHP (Laravel), NodeJS, VueJS, MySQL, SNS API, AWS Puziness is used by 2.000 users.