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Program overview

Goal and mission
The company grew strongly, needing a team of talented people to really contribute to the goal of building Vietnamese products to international level.
February 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019
3F, CT1 - C14 Bac Ha Bldg, To Huu St, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
How to register
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6 reasons why you should Apply now!

Training on intensive programming
An industry that has developed "stormy" like IT then knowledge at school is never enough. At Rabiloo you will have 2 months of intensive training and practically work closely with the programming languages ​​you want to pursue. After that, you will be put into doing real projects.
Participate in research on new technologies
The Fresher program is not only limited to Rabiloo's technology segments, but it is also "smart". The projects of Ai, NLP, AR, VR ... are also in need of young and bloody engineers to start researching and applying.
Career orientation
IT is a profession that develops and changes very quickly. However, things that are fundamental to this career do not change at all. You will soon embark on a wealth of knowledge, technology changes "constantly" if there is no clear career-oriented advice from the preceding ones.
Join the actual project
Even if you study very well while sitting in a school chair, the "real battle" to improve your skills is never enough. At Rabiloo, you will be directly trained by senior members when participating in major projects of Japan, Germany & Vietnam.
Production process training
Software production is like other manufacturing industries in the process of compliance. Especially when it is a large project, with the participation of many engineers, the process becomes more important, ensuring risk reduction. At Rabiloo we have a very professional software production process.
Job opportunities and promotions
Advancement opportunities are always the subject of every candidate entering a company. At Rabiloo, your development opportunities are unlimited, we have two reviews of capacity and one year for promotion for everyone.

Apply now! If you are

New graduates, about to graduate in IT, telecommunications and related majors. Or have less than 2 years of programming experience as of the time of application.
Basic knowledge and desire to develop a career in one of the programming languages: PHP / Java / .NET / iOS / Android / Ruby (Rails) / Python / C, C ++ / Unity ...
Love programming and good logical thinking.
Priority to master the knowledge about OOP object-oriented programming, MVC software development model, MVP.
Rabiloo Developers

Recruitment process

With only 3 simple steps, you have the opportunity to become an official member of the Rabiloo family
Apply for a job and Wait for the Recruitment and Selection Department (maximum 3 days).
Recruitment department will contact if you are suitable. You will have an interview at the company (only for one session).
Agreement on working conditions and contracts (maximum period of 3 days).
Rabiloo Developers

What will you get back to Rabiloo?

Attractive bonus salary
Attractive bonus salary
13+ months salary/year
Considering salary increase 2 times/year (March and September)
Monthly project bonus
Year-end business reward
Enjoying holidays and New Year holidays
Superior welfare regime
Rabiloo Life
Summer vacation
Rabiloo Life
Team building
Rabiloo Life
Interest club (Football, game, table tennis, ...)
Rabiloo Life
7th job transfer
Rabiloo Life
Foreign language training (English, Japanese)
Rabiloo Life
Birthday festival
Rabiloo Life
Food is full
Rabiloo Life
Promotion opportunities
Rabiloo Life
Opportunity to go onsite abroad
Rabiloo Life
And ... (All workers' regimes according to state regulations
There are many interesting things waiting for you ...

Are you passionate about programming?

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Frequently asked Questions.

Can the Fresher candidate be part-time?
The program applies to Fresher candidates who have a need to work part-time with conditions of long-term desire to stick with the Enterprise.
What is the content of the test?
Fresher candidates will participate in 2 input tests in the form of multiple choice, including: - Professional test (corresponding to the programming programming language): 30-45 minutes. - GMAT test tests the ability to calculate in a short time: 20 minutes. After that, you will join the interview round if the test results are good.
Is the training required? If yes, how long is the training time?
Before becoming an official employee of the company, candidates must fully attend the training courses of the program. The training period is usually 2 months / course. In case after the interview round, the candidate becomes an official employee, just need to spend another 1-2 days training Dayone from the company to be able to integrate with the job soonest.
During the training process, will Fresher candidates get financial support?
Fresher applicants are entitled to receive income support during the training process. The level of support will correspond to the competencies of each candidate - be assessed through the results of the Test and the Interview.
When I became a full-time employee, did I receive further training?
Surely you still need to participate in many other training courses from the company in the process of working to become more and more excellent both in technology and management. Examples of courses are: Advanced SQL, Unit test, Codex Convention, Manner, Japanese ...

What do you want to know about Rabiloo?

Rabiloo is a technology company established in February 2017 with a team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic engineers, 80% of engineers graduated from Hanoi University of Technology.
We always put PRESTIGE first.
We operate with the motto "Today will provide better service than yesterday".
We will do our best to ensure customer satisfaction.
Rabiloo Developers

Products and services

Web system
E-commerce and education websites. Systems on the Cloud platform.
Mobile app
Application of image processing, tourism applications, medical applications, VR games, AR ...
Projects on natural language processing, images, research on AI, chatbot ...
Phát triển sản phẩm
Design, marketing your products, applications, systems