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About company

Rabiloo is a provider of IT consulting and software development services such as website, mobile app, mobile game development; business performance support system and management system solution. We have been collaborating with companies from many countries around the world such as the US, Japan, France, Singapore,...

Our vision

Becoming the leading technology corporation in the
Asia-Pacific region.

“Rabiloo” stands for “ Ra biển lớn ”(heading for the open sea). Rabiloo is considered as a boat where enthusiastic and energetic sailors set sail to find their own ideals of life and happiness.

“Never stop surfing”
The slogan shows a spirit of constant effort, a willingness to face challenges, a willingness to adopt the latest technology to keep up with the changing speed of technology.

Our mission

Rabiloo company mission and vision

Spread Happiness

Doing what we love, developing useful technology products

Being trusted by clients, making a valuable contribution to clients’ success and happiness

Dedicating and spreading values to society, making life better

Technology and Empathy

Our daily work is not only taking control of technology to solve repetitive manipulations of people, but also creating valuable products that make life more convenient and make people happier. Therefore, we attach special importance to user understanding and putting users at the center of all research and creation.

Core values

Core values guide us in all of our daily decisions.


Be kind to clients, to yourselves, to colleagues, to partners and to society


Properly and clearly understand about clients’ problems and then produce feasible solutions


Dare to dream, dare to challenge yourself to attain the ultimate goal with perseverance, calm and concentration.

Rabiloo’s highlights

4/2017 5/2017 3/2018 7/2019 7/2020 2021

The establishment of Rabiloo

Start the company with the participation of 3 members. Founder: Cuong Ngoc Ngo

The first project

Gain the first successful project from a Japanese client.

Global expansion

Win the first software development contract with the US client, expand the market to France, Singapore

Japan It Week

Attend the biggest IT event in Japan - Japan IT Week

Company expansion

Reach 100+ employees and 180 successful projects

Japanese branch establishment

Complete the legal procedures for a license for branch opening in Japan.

Company information

Company name: Rabiloo Co.,Ltd

Scope of business: Software development (application, enterprise software, website, game), technology consulting, research in the new technology (AI, VR/AR)

Founder: Ngo Ngoc Cuong, Nguyen Ngoc Oanh, Ta Trung Kien

Establishment date: 04/4/2017

Number of employees: 100 employees (2021)

5th Floor, Building A3, Ecolife Capitol, No. 58 To Huu Street, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

(+84) 90-1134-886


Rabiloo is taking steps to come into the world

Rabiloo is proud to be a trusted partner of many big companies in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Singapore. Nevertheless, we have been conquering international markets such as the USA, France, and Europe.

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