Zero One Eight: A product review platform with over 8000 trial users
In today's world, consumers often make purchasing decisions based on reviews and recommendations from those who have actually used a product. Users constantly seek information and insights shared by acquaintances, celebrities, or experts in the field.

About 018 (Zero One Eight)
Established on May 8, 2019, 018 (Zero One Eight) is a company that develops an advertising agency business that combines internet advertising and real promotion, and internet services for users.
018 focuses on 3 main services: Own services/media, SNS marketing business and Comprehensive marketing business.
With the rapid development and changes of the internet affecting every aspect of our ​​lives, 108 is aware of the need to develop services that keep up with the latest trends. Based on that idea, 108 has set the goal of creating unique values ​​to contribute to society that only 018's services can bring.
The Internet and social network platforms have significantly changed consumer behavior and customer journey. They buy products based on reviews, recommendations, and feedback from previous buyers on social networks. Information about products shared from influential groups such as KOLs and KOCs has become a strong factor impacting consumers' purchasing decisions.
The challenge is how brands, companies can take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing effectively and economically, as well as find suitable influencers for their campaigns?
018's idea is to provide their own service to create promotional campaigns for users to sign up for trials, thereby giving feedback on the products they have experienced. Through campaigns, 108 helps brands and businesses convey and spread the appeal of their products, thereby encouraging consumers to buy them. This idea requires 3 elements:
- The system operates smoothly in order to simultaneously run multiple campaigns, gather information and send samples to a large number of people who register for using product samples.
- UX/UI must be user-friendly to be able to reach the widest audience (participants to try product samples and give feedback, readers of feedback to make purchasing decisions).
- It's easy for businesses and influencers to find each other
- The solution lays in an optimal SNS system that can meet target audiences’ demands. That's where Rabiloo took up the task.
Rabiloo’s roles
Building SNS (Social Network Service) marketing systems with required functions, optimizing UI and UX design built by 018.
After 6 months working together, Rabiloo have built SNS systems and websites: Monicam and Castbook
- Monicam
Monicam currently has about 8,000 registered users. Promotional campaigns on Monicam mainly focus on cosmetics and daily use products.

After users register to try products, Monicam's system will gather and send product samples to users who have successfully registered. After receiving the samples and using products, they will post their experiences on Monicam's platform and popular social media in Japan such as Instagram, X,...Users can rate scores on a 5-star scale, comment, post photos or videos about products and attach purchase links.
- Castbook
Unlike Monicam, only high-class influencers who have passed a careful screening are registered on Castbook. They are people who have many followers on social networking platforms such as influencers, KOLs, KOCs, etc.
Castbook connects influencers with companies, brands, and businesses.
Projects can be implemented in two ways:
- Public Projects: Brands and companies can post projects to all registered cast members and gather passionate influencers.
- Dự án được đề cử: Doanh nghiệp, nhãn hàng có thể chỉ định và yêu cầu những influencers mong muốn cho chiến dịch của họ.
Nominated Projects: Brands and companies can specify and request the desired influencers.
Regarding public projects, Castbook gathers influencers by announcing projects and conditions for influencers to register. Then, Castbook will select influencers from the list and post them on SNS.
Regarding nominated projects, Castbook checks the list first and selects the influencers according to the brand's requirements, then checks again, confirms with


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