Tryhatch and KIGEKI: “Regarding IT outstaffing, the foremost thing is matter between people and people”
Outstaffing is one of three forms of the current offshore software model. With optimal recruitment costs and time, a simple human resource management process, IT outstaffing is a worthy choice for businesses that need to expand resources for technology or software projects, etc. However, choosing a suitable partner, especially in harmony with human factors, is not easy. What do Tryhatch and KIGEKI think about it as Japanese customers choosing technology partners in Viet Nam?

High-skilled workforce
- What difficulties make you seek out outstaffing services?
Tryhatch: Our company's domain knowledge related to MEO Cheki or our company's engineering resources are not capable of implementing new operations. In Japan and possibly other countries, there are all kinds of engineers, from good to bad. Moreover, in Japan, the salaries of engineers have also increased. At that time, I considered outstaffing service.
- Why did your company come to find and choose Rabiloo?
Tryhatch: Mr. Kakumoto introduced Mr. Cuong to me, and currently he is also the person connecting the 2 sides. That was the moment of cooperation between us.
KIGEKI: Every day we often receive many sales letters from companies, mainly from Viet Nam. However, basically, we often choose partners who have been introduced or known before because we can rest assured about the professional aspect. We want to cooperate with strong partners in terms of technical capabilities. Having been introduced to Mr. Cuong's company since the company first started and knowing that the members of the company are also excellent, I decided to cooperate with Rabiloo.
Workforce with culture of respect and responsibility
- What about Rabiloo's outstaffing services impresses you the most?
Tryhatch: It's definitely about people. In work, professional qualifications are very necessary and important, but first and foremost, it must still be the connection between people and people that whether all the parties have the same opinion and direction? When working with Rabiloo staff, we did not feel stressed and I think this is very important.
KIGEKI: Of course technical capacity is essential. But beyond it, I was attracted by the working atmosphere at the company. We feel the respect and responsibility of the engineers here. They were very careful in early informing us about the long vacation in Viet Nam, which is not a Japanese holiday such as the Lunar New Year. These small things like that are also noticed by Rabiloo.
Young-spirited workforce
- Why did your company choose a technology partner in Viet Nam?
-Tryhatch: Japan's population has been in steady decline, along with that the quality of engineers is not uniform. Unexpectedly, I found that compared to transferring jobs to domestic engineers, assigning work to young Vietnamese engineers is easier.
KIGEKI: In Japan, there is a lack of young engineers and I think the energy of young people is always more attractive.


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