Vietnam Trade Facilitation Hub
The Vietnam Trade Facilitation Hub (VNFT), established through a partnership between the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), plays a crucial role in aggregating and delivering vital trade facilitation information to businesses and individuals engaged in international trade activities.
Beyond serving as an information repository, VNFT also functions as an interactive platform, addressing and resolving inquiries and challenges raised by businesses. With VNFT, you have a one-stop resource for trade-related information and solutions, enhancing the efficiency and ease of conducting international trade operations in Vietnam

About the Client: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
VCCI is a national organization that comprises and represents the business community, entrepreneurs, employers, and business associations in Vietnam with the aim of developing, protecting, and supporting the business community, contributing to the country's socio-economic development, promoting economic, trade, and science-technology cooperation relationship between Vietnam and other countries.
Developing a website for trade facilitation policies with the utmost performance
With the aim of aggregating and providing information, as well as becoming a question-and-answer consulting agency for businesses, VCCI wishes to develop a website capable of storing, accessing, and presenting information at the fastest speed, and ensuring information security.
Identify the main function of the website
VCCI's project team has detailed the functional requirements of the portal, helping Rabiloo's consultants to quickly grasp the requirements and plan the software development.
The website has 06 main categories with certain functions:
- About us: Introducing general information
- Policies & Procedures: Present information in subsections - News: Update and edit news
- Forum: Legal policies and expertise discussion
- Q&A: Automated Chatbot
- Publications & Data: Data archives and statistics
Rabiloo’s implementation plan:
- Receiving software requirements: Schedule meetings to interview in detail the functional requirements of the website
- Proposing software implementation plan: We propose an Agile model with weekly discussion and feedback from customers
- Establishing an expert team: Including a project manager, developer, tester, and designer
Executing the plan: Starting from UI, and UX to creating software architecture and programming.
- The was built in the required timeline, with the required features.
- The website is secure, high-performing, scalable, and user-friendly.


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