For experienced people as outsource
  • Dissatisfaction vs product quality
  • The change request does not receive reciprocal flexibility
  • The members of the project do not come to the end, the sense of responsibility is low
For those who have no experience as outsource
  • Insecurity in communication
  • Insecurity about product quality
  • Insecurity about management capabilities


Communication and responsibility

100% of employees have experience working with Japanese and American customers.

Continuous internal training on communication skills, teamwork and a sense of responsibility.

Quick response: Call immediately, instant reply.

Product Quality Management

Apply Agile flexible product development process to manage progress and flexibly respond to required changes.

Periodically organize technical seminars and training to improve engineers' capacity and thinking.

Thoroughly apply progress management and communication tools: trello, excel, redmine, backlog ...


Our company cooperates with Rabiloo in the form of OSDC for more than 1 year.
The engineering team at Rabiloo has good technical capabilities and high adaptability.
Compared to 1 year ago, when we started working, the speed of development is much faster now.

Rabiloo's test phase is also appreciated. The company's testers deeply understand the system and have a professional working sense.
We feel quite assured in terms of product quality.

Up to the present time our company has worked with Rabiloo to develop many projects including high quality business web applications and systems. Typical of which is the project for businesses that have been listed on the Japanese stock exchange.
I myself have experience developing offshore for a long time in large enterprises.
However, up to now, Rabiloo is the only company I can fully trust when cooperating.
I hope that in the future, we will continue to cooperate and develop projects with the same company.

During the implementation of the project, when we proposed the need to add some functions to the app, Rabiloo often positively offered us suggestions and advice on that change.
Regarding the technical capacity of the project development team, I think Rabiloo's engineers have quite good capabilities and a high sense of responsibility.
In the future, we look forward to continuing to cooperate and work with Rabiloo at the stage of product maintenance and other projects when required.

Rabiloo engineers are always full of energy, the company always shows the desire to work together until the project is successful.
Rabiloo is one of the few companies in the project development process that can provide and propose solutions to customer requirements.
For the project, there is a specific plan that the company can respond quickly.
For projects where the requirements are still unclear, Rabiloo reciprocal and handling are very flexible.


  • Sales management system
  • Media Site
  • Centralized management system for SNS accounts
  • SNS promotional campaign management system
  • POS data analysis system
  • App store members
  • App to manage cleaning jobs
  • University management system
  • The system creates chatbot
  • Online English learning system
  • E-commerce website
  • Calendar management system
  • CMS Email Marketing
  • Matching system
  • New personnel management system


The secret of Outsource's success is to ensure good communication between customers and companies. So, whether in Insite, Offsite or Customer Insite, the role of bridge engineer is very important. Bridge engineer is the focal point to receive requests from customers and convey questions and suggestions from the development team.


There are two main types of contracts that are project-based and number-based. Read more of this article to get a better understanding of contract types and contracting processes.
With projects based contract. We receive requests from customers, then advise and give quotation as well as time to complete the project. The contract will be signed on agreed terms from the beginning.
Suitable for projects :
  • Having requirements about products, costs and completion time
Advantages :
  • Understand the overall project right from the beginning of the project.
  • No need to take time to manage the process but only focuses on the quality and deadlines of product completion.
With LABO contrach. We provide human resources according to customer requirements.
Suitable for projects :
  • Doesn't have details are required for the product
  • Lack of human resources needs to be urgently needed.
  • Can choose the personnel according to their skill and experience
  • Can flexibly increase or decrease personnel according to each stage of the project


With the type of contract according to the number of people, is there a minimum time limit for signing contracts and the number of people?
The minimum number of people is 1 person and the minimum time is 1 month with the type of contract according to the number of people.
What is the communication and project progress management tool commonly used by Rabiloo?
Our company often uses project management tools such as Redmine, Trello, Backlog, Excel. For tools to contact customers, we often use: Skype, Slack, Chatwork, FB Messenger, Google, Hangout, Appear. In addition, depending on the requirements of the customer, we also use some other support tools other than the above tools.
How many engineers can the company use English and Japanese?
In addition to domestic partners, Rabiloo regularly works with foreign partners such as the US, Japan and India. Therefore, 100% engineers at Rabiloo can use English or Japanese.
When problems arise quickly, the company can flexibly reciprocate?
Our company always trains employees towards the motto of being able to contact 24/7, so regardless of whether it is night or holidays, our company is confident to respond flexibly to the problems incurred.
What is HEDSPI?
HEDSPI (Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT) was launched as a Japanese government's ODA in 2006 in order to develop advanced IT personnel who can speak Japanese at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, which is a top university in science and technology in Vietnam. is. It is said that the percentage of people who work for Japanese IT companies is very high, and there are many people with high Japanese language skills.
Does Rabiloo have trouble with time zone differences when working with foreign partners?
For Japanese and Singaporean customers, the time difference is only 2 hours so there are almost no difficulties. For US customers, the time difference is more so job management through tools needs to be more compliant.
How is Rabiloo's engineer level evaluated?
All engineers at Rabiloo have graduated from the leading technical universities in Vietnam, of which 80% are engineers graduated from Hanoi University of Technology. Technical capacity of Rabiloo engineer has been highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers.


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